Google’s Position on Mobile Friendly Websites

Getting indexed by Google and performing well in organic search results with the big search engines, Google in particular, is critically important when you consider driving traffic to your site.

On April 21, 2015 Google rolled out their “mobile-friendly” update where they are boosting the rankings for websites that are mobile friendly.

Don’t panic if your site isn’t completely mobile friendly yet.  This update is meant to only affect search rankings on mobile devices.  Whether this will directly impact organic search results from desktop or whether there is an implication on devices like ipads or tablets remains to be seen.

Responsive website design is the new buzz word/phrase but what does that mean?  Responsive means your website will “respond” and show information based on what device tries to access it.  Your website can adjust or respond to the device that connects to it whether that device is an iPhone, iPad, android or computers with varying monitor display settings/size.

With Google changing their ranking algorithm to encourage websites to adopt good mobile compliant practises and valuing those that are mobile friendly, it is more important than ever to ensure your site looks good on whatever connects to it.

Nowithstanding the fact your website mobile view will impact your ranking with Google, in 2014 Google predicts that there will be more page views on mobile devices than regular computers making it all the more apparent that special attention needs to be paid to your mobile ready website.  Our strategy is to incoporate only responsive templates for our clients from the getgo.  Forget about the extra add-ons for a specific mobile website, have a look at our website on your mobile and your computer to see how simple resposive website design can be.

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