Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a world unto itself and it presents unique opportunities for businesses.

The power of Facebook can mean an increase in your business by over 200% by simply putting a LIKE button on your website or offering a 10% discount to your clients when they like you. They can do the like right there on their smart phone while you watch. Think about the reach of that single like.

In research provided by Facebook on 7.1.2014, they indicated that the average person has 130 friends. If you have a simple LIKE button on your website and 5 people LIKED your business daily, that is a reach of 650 people per day who get information about your business.

If you are not sure what a LIKE is or how a LIKE can reach 650 people give us a call and arrange a time for a consult so we can get you on track.

We have clients who are using Facebook to indicate specials to clients, restaurants who are trying to get tables reserved and beauticians who want to draw clients in during off peak times.

For non Facebook users who might understand the value of Facebook but may not want to spend the time managing it don’t worry. Our Facebook page gets no attention and no leads because we are too busy working on our client’s facebook marketing.

And then there is Facebook direct marketing. Did you know that you can target male or female for advertising? That you can target only people who are interested in sports or even a specific sport?

Book in a consult and let us help you get on track with your Facebook marketing.

Contact Website To Go to find out what options you have for creating and maintaining a strong Facebook presence.

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