Website Design

Website Design

Let us help you get your website designed, hosted and created with the least amount of hassle for you. We have elegantly designed templates for websites that are easily changeable and totally scalable. Whether you’re looking for a 1 page site or something that can grow to hundreds of pages, anything is possible when you are building on an open source platform like Joomla! or WordPress platform.

First, what is Open Source – and what are these CMS platforms?

We build all our websites on open source CMS platforms called Joomla!, WordPress, Magento, Presto, and OpenCart. These are all open source content management system (CMS). These are the engines that powers your website. As open source, the development of these content management systems are inspired by users, adapted by vast teams of people from around the world who are trying to keep the platforms current and secure. Updates to these content management systems will need to be ongoing to ensure your site is as secure as possible from potential hackers and to ensure your website continues to function properly across devices and within browsers as devices change resolution and functional capacity.

Why are these CMS tools free?

All these CMS’s are created to help make the web work better. There were all started by and are supported by people who want the web to be fast and powerful. As a collective, designers, engineers, and web experts in all sorts of areas are combining their talents to enhance the core code of the each CMS base. As a result, the whole world benefits from their collective efforts. What is important to us is the opportunity for you to completely control your website or you can literally get thousands of people to help you work on your site. There are over hundreds of million downloads of WordPress and Joomla! so it’s also important to note that with that volume, you know it is going to continuously be upgraded and improved not like other closed systems that are proprietary and leave you waiting, hoping and praying for support.

How come you are cheaper than other hosts and website companies?

Simple. That’s what it costs. Other web designers might use different more challenging systems. Others might take more time to get things done. Others may not give you the tools or opportunity to take control of your website. Our intention is to get you started. We want to build you a platform that you can expand on and grow on your own. Of course we offer support and we can do it for you if you don’t want to or if you hit a road block but our intention is simply to give you the power to decide what you want to do and to determine how far you want to take your website. We charge for support by the minute with a 10 minute minimum and our team of experts are fast, efficient and effective so the extra things you want your website to do won’t cost you a fortune. We don’t specifically own any hosts but we guide you toward hosting options that will perform well under the requirements of your site. We guide you to solutions that are simple and cost effective but we can do amazing things if that’s what you are looking for.

Who are you?

We have professional web designers who have been working in the industry, designing websites and company CRMs since 2002. We also have an incredible team of consultants who are industry experts as graphic artists for logo development or enhancement, css experts if you have an intricate idea. We are a team of well connected, well networked webbies who want to help you get where you want to go with as little pain as possible.

Where should I start?

Start with the basics. Don’t try to invent or create the most elaborate website in your industry or neighbourhood. Start simple. Get one of our website packages to get started immediately and then expand your concept over time. You have probably been thinking about a website for a long time. Why wait? Get a couple pages up immediately and grow it from there.

To get started. Simply think about your menu structure. What does your audience want to see on your website?
  • Home page message
  • About us message
  • Product information page?
  • Service information page?
  • Contact us details

Have a quick look at what others are doing in your industry or with similar concepts and see if you get some inspiration from the information they are presenting. Then, write content for those pages. We also offer content writing services if you are interested.

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