Google Search Engine Optimization – Lesson 1

Optimizing your website for Google is really important.  Once you build you site, if you tell google about it, they will come, check it out, record the information and pages that are “indexable” and the robot will then scurry off to another website to continue it’s never ending search for information and how to relate it to people’s search inquiries.

How To Get Google To Your Website:

  1. Get other websites to link to you.
    • In this case, the googlebot goes to another website and reviews the information on that website.  It will follow all the links found on that website so that means if there are outbound links that go to your website, WALA, Google will go to your site.
    • Getting links on other people’s websites can be a challenge.  Much much more to come in the future on getting GOOD links for your website.
  2. Create a google webmaster tools account
  3. Create a google analytics account and link it to the webmaster tools account
  4. Create a sitemap for your website and submit that sitemap to google

Once you’ve done steps 2-4 you should see within a 24 hour period that the GoogleBot came to your site.  That’s a great start, but that’s just it, that’s just the start.  Once you’ve been indexed, the GoogleBot will come back to your site to see how often the content changes and it will evaluate the content to see how “related” it is for specific key words.  This is where writing good content is important and where constantly adding new content to your website becomes important.

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