Creating Effective Meta Titles

First, have you created a Webmaster Tools Account, a Google Analytics Account and a Google AdWords account?  If not, do that, start there because they have a tool that will tell us exactly what people are looking for using the google search.

Once these are created you are going to start collecting valuable information about the visitors to your site.

In Webmaster Tools we can see the following basic information on the Dashboard:

The next image indicates this site is coming up in searched but that this site could perform better for "clickability"… this could be a simple tweak with page descriptions and metatitles.


Just as important as the "clickability" of the Meta Title and Meta Description, getting performance on critical keywords is a very important Search Engine Optimisation strategy to get higher ranking in search results which will ultimately mean more traffic to the site and hopefully a higher achievement in sales/clients.

When you click into Search Queries, you get a breakdown of the critical keywords that your traffic is coming from.  You can also see how many impressions you are getting for those keywords, meaning how many times your website is displayed in search results, how many clicks and what the average position is for those clicks.  Hone in on the particular keywords that you want to perform well for.  Modify those Meta Titles and Meta Descrptions…

Let’s start with that… what is a Meta Title and what is a Meta Description.  Go to google, search for something.  In the results you see the title as a link in blue.  This is the top link for the listing.  This is the meta title.  The words that follow below that are the meta description.  Some search engines take the meta description from the words in your content – often the first or they can also be taken from the meta description you provide.  As a best practise, I try to create a meta title and meta description and include meta keywords for all my articles.

How Do I Create Meta Titles and Meta Description?

The metatitles and descriptions can be modified in the admin control panel of your website.  Once logged in, go to the MENUS tab – then access MAIN MENU (or the menu where the link is generated from) – then enter each of the menu items and go to ADVANCED OPTIONS then scroll down to Page Display Options.  Here you can add Browser Page Title which is the META TITLE.  Then in Metadata Options you can add keywords and a description as it relates to each specific page/menu.  For the category blog style options, the main landing page will have the metatitle/description but from there you need to go into each article and add metakeywords and descriptions for increased SEO opportunity.  The metatitle in these cases will be the actual title of the article.

How Do I Write or Decide on the Keywords for my Meta Title and Meta Description?

You have a couple options to pick the keywords for your Meta Title and Meta Descriptions.


  • IMPORTANT: Meta Titles should not be more than 69 Characters – letter and spaces
  • IMPORTANT: Meta Descriptions should not be more than 160 characters
  1. Guess and Create
    • Here you write your meta title based on what you think would be the best Keywords to include in the title.
    • I would try to include the particular keyword for the landing page and the area where I want to perform well for.
    • Example: – Affordable Websites in Adelaide – Cheap Websites You Control
    • you are narrowing the field to Adelaide and you are getting two references to Websites naturally.
  2. Google Scientific
    • this way I encourage you to go to your Google Adwords Account and find out what people are searching for with regard to the particular page you are on.
    • If you look in Google AdWords and you go into Tools and Analysis and then go to Keyword Planner you search for a new keyword and ad group idea.
    • I chose: Website, Websites, Website Developer, Website Creator, Website Adelaide
    • Then I narrowed the search to Australia in the Targetting section
    • Once I got the results, I clicked the tab Keyword Ideas, then I clicked Download and got them into excel to sort them and play with them.
    • When I do this search I see the following (I have downloaded the results and put into Excel:
Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition
website design 8100 0.97
web design 6600 0.98
website 4400 0.96
how to make a website 4400 0.98
free website 4400 0.98
website templates 4400 0.97
website builder 3600 0.98
free website templates 2900 0.96
how to create a website 2400 0.98
make your own website 1900 0.98
websites 1600 0.97
create a website 1600 0.98
make a website 1600 0.98
free website builder 1600 0.98
website maker 1300 0.98
website creator 1000 0.99
ecommerce website 1000 0.98
create your own website 1000 0.99
free websites 1000 0.98
free website hosting 1000 0.97
how to build a website 880 0.97
creating a website 880 0.98
free website maker 880 0.98
web page design 880 0.98
web development 880 0.95
website development 720 0.97
website designers 590 0.99
build your own website 590 0.98
create website 590 0.99
website designs 590 0.98
make a free website 590 0.98
web designers 590 0.98
website template 590 0.93
web design software 590 0.99
best website design 590 0.95
free website creator 480 0.96
ecommerce website design 480 0.99
website designer 480 0.96
cheap websites 480 0.97
website design adelaide 480 0.96
build a website 480 0.98
create a website free 480 0.98
create a free website 480 0.99
web design company 480 0.91
cheap website design 390 0.98
website design software 390 1
making a website 390 0.98
how to design a website 390 0.98
cheap web design 390 0.97
e commerce website 390 0.99
website ideas 390 0.33
best free website builder 390 0.91
website builder free 390 0.97
web design australia 320 0.93
ecommerce web design 320 0.97
building a website 320 0.98
make a website for free 320 0.98
website builders 260 0.99
free website design 260 0.97
website creation 260 0.95
small business web design 260 0.97
website software 260 0.99
online website builder 260 1
create free website 260 0.98
small business website design 210 1
web site design 210 0.97
build website 210 0.98
design your own website 210 0.98
website developers 170 0.99
website design packages 170 0.99
design a website 170 1
designing a website 170 0.96
affordable web design 170 0.96
make website 170 0.98
web sites 170 0.96
website developer 140 0.97
website design company 140 0.96
website building 140 0.98
design website 140 0.97
web design packages 140 1
affordable website design 110 0.89
website development costs 110 0.99
professional website design 110 0.99
web design services 110 0.94
custom web design 110 0.91
business website design 90 0.99
website creator free 90 0.98
professional web design 90 0.92
website creators 70 1
custom website design 70 1
intuit website creator 50 0.84
website development software 50 0.98
website design services 50 1
websites adelaide 50 0.8
website design companies 50 0.99
website design and development 40 1
mobile website development 40 0.96
ecommerce website development 30 0.94
adelaide website 30 0.6
web site development 30 0.88
website adelaide 20 0.71
website development company 20 0.96
website development services 10 0.97
custom website development 10 0.84
website development companies 10 0.86

Note that this list has some great ideas for meta titles, meta descriptions and ideas for new content for the site.

From here you want to plan each page to include specific keywords in the Meta Title and in the MetaDescription and keywords that can be entered on each page.  IMPORTANT – do not overload the page with many different keywords or phrases.  Use this tool to determine NEW CONTENT that should be created for the page.  Here you can write a blog about the areas of interest for visitors to create pages that have information relevant to what people are looking for.  As you create the meta titles for each page and do this keyword analysis you can identify these pages and set up a task for yourself to write articles regarding these "Keyword Topics" and the result will be better SEO performance and loads more visitors based on the information you are providing on your site.

This is something that we can do for you in an ongoing capacity if performing well organically is important to you and if you find you don’t have time to get into the science of it.

After the page titles are created the next step is to start link building.  There are several strategies here that can be employed.  We talk about some of these link building strategies in our SEO help section online.  If you need help with this please feel free to contact us for a free quote on strong link building strategies for your website.  If you are tasking yourself with this, make it your objective to get at least 2 new inbound links per month to your site from relevant industry sites. 

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