Adding an Email Account to Outlook 2016

Click on FILE (top left corner).


Enter the email address.

Everything should get set up nicely from there with prompts to enter your password and you are gold.

If it appears to be cycling there could be a popup window waiting for action.  This popup window will request that you accept the SSL etc.  A second popup will then prompt you to allow the auto-discovery record to set things up for you.  It may also have information about the SSL certificate etc.  Accept this to move forward.

If you don’t get these prompts … cancel it and add again but this time click on the ADVANCED OPTIONS and tick “Let me set up my account manually.”

If you see Choose Account Type.  Select IMAP.

Your settings should be:

  • your username is your full email address.
  • The incoming mail settings are
  • The outgoing mail settings are


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